Demo Track

While working on Heat Synthesizer 0.9.4, I created this song to test the VST integration and to show some of Heat Synthesizers capabilities. The song uses 14 instances of Heat Synthesizer for the whole song.

Some drum samples and EQs/Reverbs are added, but no other sound generation mechanism is used.

The track is hosted on my soundclound account and is flagged to be downloadable. It’s some sort of EDM / Trance, but not meant to be something serious.

I want to thank the following Heat Synthesizer Pro users for their presets, which I used in this song:

  • Fairlight CMI – Plucks on JH Pad by POP CORN
  • AirPad by sattmims (modified)
  • Jan Hammer Pad by 3345rpm
  • Cyber Bells by JD126 (modified)

Used gear:

  • DAW: Cubase 5
  • Heat Synthesizer
  • My GPU powered convolution reverb on a Geforce 650 TI, see here
  • EQ from Cubase
  • Jeroen Breebaart VST plugins, see here
  • Drum samples taken from “Techno Trance Essentials” and “Ultrabeatz” sampling CDs

Screenshot_2014-07-25-22-31-15 heat_demo

3 thoughts on “Demo Track

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  2. Beautiful sound, So much more depth in sound quality than other apps by far!
    Please, keep growing for us in the music community. Too many out there make a product, cash in , and leave us waiting for more.

  3. Congratulation from Chile for your software, it is crazy made music. I am workimg with demo but I want save our creations, so with the full is ok, I can do it, I will buy it.

    Question: Can I save the other author sound, so and used it where there are not internet?

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