Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the differences between the Demo and the Pro version?
    • Heat Synthesizer Demo on Android does not allow to save any sounds
    • The VST plugin Demo does not store any sound data, too, a VST plugin that is part of a project in your sequencer will restore with an init patch instead.

    There are no other limitations, which means that you can try out the Demo version as long as you want.

  • Where can I obtain the VST plugin?
    The VST plugin is available for free and can be downloaded on the Download page
  • Can I use multiple VST plugin instances?
    Yes, of course! If there are multiple instances available, a dialog is opened on the Android Device, asking you which instance you want to work with. You can of course switch to another instance at anytime.
  • Does the VST plugin require an Android Device connected to work?
    The VST plugin can run completely alone, the full synthesizer state is automatically saved by your sequencer software and is restored when you open your project again later.
    However, the VST plugin is clearly designed to be controlled by an Android Device, there is no integrated visual editor and you are unable to load sounds from the Collaborative Preset Manager, which exists on Android only. This means that, for editing and loading sounds, and Android Device is mandatory, but once your sound is ready, you can disconnect your device and work with your sequencer alone.
  • Does the VST version sound different than the Android version?
    Sounds created will of course sound identical on the Android version and the VST plugin version, there are no differences in the sound generation engine.
    However, please note that the Android version audio output runs with 44,1Khz 16 bit only, while the VST plugin offers 32 bit floating point output and the sample rate of the host, theoretically up to 192khz.
  • My VST connection does not work, what can I do?
    Details regarding VST integration can be found on the VST Integration page