VST Integration

The Android Synthesizer, while in default mode, runs in standalone mode. But it can also be used to be integrated into an existing VST environment. To use the VST integration, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Download the VST plugin that matches your version of Heat Synthesizer (Demo or Pro) from the Download page, unzip the downloaded file and place the dlls into your “VstPlugins” folder.
  2. Make sure your Android Device has WiFi enabled and is connected to the same network where your Desktop PC / DAW is connected to.
  3. Make sure that firewalls do not block the communication between your Android Device and your Desktop PC. The following ports need to be opened to allow incoming connections:
    Demo version: TCP 2338 / UDP 2337
    Pro version: TCP 1338 / UDP 1337
  4. Open Heat Synthesizer on your Android device, select options and select “As GUI Controller for VST Plugin” in the “Processing Mode” section.
  5. Start your sequencer in your PC/DAW and instantiate the Heat Synthesizer plugin.

You will see a toast message on your Android device, telling you that your android device is now connected to a VST instance. From now on, you can use your Android device to edit the patch that is run by the VST plugin. If supported by your sequencer, you can also use the virtual Piano to send notes to your sequencer, in fact using Heat Synthesizer as a soft piano keyboard.

Please note that the Demo version of the VST plugin does not remember any patches if you save the project within your VST host.

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  1. Will Heat synthesizer play on the Blackberry Playbook?

    What is a VST ? Is that a Virtual Instrument or Processor ?

    I have a ProTools DAW, from windows, will Heat Synth output to my DAW ?

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