Heat Synthesizer version 0.9.5 released

Heat Synthesizer v0.9.5 has been released and there are new VST plugins, too.

The following things have been added/fixed:

  • [Synth] Added support to modify parameters by midi controllers. A full CC list can be found here
  • [UI] Added “Reset” menu entry to reset all parameters to a default state
  • [UI] Added envelope names on envelope page
  • [VST] Plugin now has zero latency
  • [VST] Decreased shutdown time
  • [UI] Fix “Select VST instance” menu entry was not always visible
  • [UI] Fix possible crash when selecting an entry in the “Select VST instance” dialog
  • [Android] Fix device sometimes not connected to the VST instance that has been selected
  • [UI] Fix noise volume knob had wrong size on 10″ tablets
  • [Synth] Fix LFO phase error when sync’d to an external timing source
  • [UI] New program icon