Heat Synthesizer BETA 0.8.4 has been released

Heat Synthesizer 0.8.4 has been released. The following changes have been made:

  • New soft-piano design by my friend and co-worker phoenix, thank you! (You can expect more UI enhancements from him in the future)
  • New FX added: Phaser
  • Audio block size can be adjusted in the options between 128 samples and 2048 samples (512 was and is still the default). Please note that lowering the block size raises CPU usage and reduces the number of voices
  • Support upside-down display if device is rotated 180°
  • Fix rare crash when rotating the device while a Preset is loaded
  • Delay FX unit knobs have been reordered to have matching left/right knobs
  • Do no longer show “Store presets online terms” until user really tries to save a preset online
  • Chorus FX is now processed before Delay FX. Full FX chain is now Phaser => Chorus => Delay

Additional changes:

  • VST plugin: Fix crash on plugin unload, some hosts refused to load the plugin because of this error. For all those that had problems before, the update is recommended.
  • Server code: Replacing existing presets was not possible if the initial preset was not dependant on another one