Heat Synthesizer 1.0.2 released

Heat Synthesizer 1.0.2 has been released on Google Play, Amazon & Samsung Galaxy Apps.

The Google version has been updated from version 1.0.1 and fixes corrupted WAV files when recording.

Updates for the Amazon & Samsung stores were quite outdated already and therefore lacked features that have been added in the past to the Google version. The Amazon version has been updated from 0.8.6, Samsung Galaxy Apps version has been updated from 0.9.8.

From now on, all builds are meant to be a similar as possible. However, the Samsung version is the only version for the moment that has Soundcamp support and has no native 64 bit support.
The reason for that is, that Soundcamp has no 64 bit support and will fail to load the required libraries from Heat if it supports 64 bit, therefore I removed 64 bit support for now and removed Soundcamp support for the other versions.

Heat Synthesizer supports Samsung Soundcamp

Heat Synthesizer is available at Samsung Apps and supports Soundcamp, the new realtime audio sequencer available for Samsung devices as part of the new Samsung Professional Audio system.

Samsung Professional Audio supports low latency playback and inter-app audio- & MIDI communication as well as support for a high variety of USB interfaces.

Soundcamp will be officially presented at the Samsung DevCon 2014:


At the moment, Soundcamp supports the new devices Note 4 and Note Edge. Older Samsung devices might be supported as well in the future.

Heat Synthesizer version 0.9.6 has been released

Heat Synthesizer version 0.9.6 has been released. The following changes have been made:

  • Fix issue that could cause a crash on some devices if there is no internet connection
  • Preset Browser opens Local Presets as default if there is no internet connection
  • Maximum LFO strength is now 200%
  • Fix Osc Volume modulation could become negative

Heat Synthesizer version 0.9.5 released

Heat Synthesizer v0.9.5 has been released and there are new VST plugins, too.

The following things have been added/fixed:

  • [Synth] Added support to modify parameters by midi controllers. A full CC list can be found here
  • [UI] Added “Reset” menu entry to reset all parameters to a default state
  • [UI] Added envelope names on envelope page
  • [VST] Plugin now has zero latency
  • [VST] Decreased shutdown time
  • [UI] Fix “Select VST instance” menu entry was not always visible
  • [UI] Fix possible crash when selecting an entry in the “Select VST instance” dialog
  • [Android] Fix device sometimes not connected to the VST instance that has been selected
  • [UI] Fix noise volume knob had wrong size on 10″ tablets
  • [Synth] Fix LFO phase error when sync’d to an external timing source
  • [UI] New program icon

Heat Synthesizer version 0.9.3 released

Heat Synthesizer version 0.9.3 has been released. The following features have been added and/or fixed:

  • NEW: Heat App now keeps the screen on to prevent the device from turning off while using an external MIDI device
  • FIX: VST plugin didn’t save patches with project
  • NEW: The VST plugin can now be given a name. This is useful to prevent confusion on the Android device when using multiple plugin instances at the same time
Note: Because of required network protocol changes, you need to update both the App and the VST plugin if you want to use VST integration

Heat Synthesizer version 0.8.9 released

Heat Synthesizer version 0.8.9 has been released. The following features have been added and/or fixed:

  • NEW: Optional 2 octaves keyboard can be enabled in the options. For tablets with 7 inches screen size or higher, this is the new default, but can be reverted to 1 octave if preferred in the options
  • FIX/NEW: Fix data loss of locally stored sounds. The system has been rewritten completely, sounds are now stored as files on the internal storage of the device. They can even be shared/copied/whatever by just copying the files.The location of the sounds is <internal storage>/HeatSynthesizer/Presets
  • NEW: Every logged in user now has its own category “My Favourites” and sounds can now be added as favourites using the long-tap context menu
  • NEW: Improved performance of wavetable oscillators and the modulation matrix
  • FIX: “Best presets” were sorted incorrectly
  • FIX: arp mode “as played” was the same as arp mode “up”
  • FIX: Sound couldn’t be stored online if it was previously added but then deleted already

Heat Synthesizer 0.8.6 released

Android App changes in version 0.8.6

  • New: As the Preset database keeps growing, you can now search for Presets by name
  • New: Share Presets with others, send them by mail, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you want. To Listen to shared Presets, open the links on your Android device with Heat installed, Heat will automatically start and load the linked sound.
  • Fix: Rare crash in Arpeggiator when touching outside of the note grid bounds
  • Fix: Modulation source was not visible on all devices once selected

VST Plugin changes

  • Fix invalid plugin window size in some hosts